Condensing Boiler MODELS B85 + B120 + B160



Energy Efficiency

  • Single stainless steel burner
  • Condensing burner efficiency
  • Electricity savings of ECM motor
  • Home heating and a small draw on DHW system
  • Priority system temperature controlled by zones
  • 10-1 Modulation
  • 95% A.F.U.E


  • Supports multiple configurations & applications
  • Range of products to meet heating & DHW demands
  • Various installation options to minimize space requirements


  • Build quality of Glow Brand™ (all metal parts)
  • Innovative design for flow detection
  • Warranty service
  • Local service & support

Performance and Serviceability

  • Glow Brand™ products are manufactured to a high specification and in compliance with relevant standards.
  • The design of the Glow Brand™ product line addresses three key areas: reliability, performance and serviceability
  • For the home builder, home owner & service technician, experience has shown that these key areas play a substantial role in minimizing the life cycle costs for residential boiler systems.