On-Demand Hot Water Heater MODELS T180


Changing the Way Water is Heated

Starts hot, stays hot

The Glow T180’s internal stainless-steel heat exchanger holds 1 gallon.

Heat on demand

The water is heated as it passes through the unit. When your hot water fixture shuts off, the unit powers down with its next 1-gallon of heated water ready for future use.

5-gallon/minute output

Enjoy the freedom of running up to 3 showers at once with great hot water comfort, or take a shower while running the washing machine and dishwasher.

Control your mode

Choose from Comfort Mode and Eco-Mode. The water inside the unit is kept hot for your comfort.

Compact design

The unit mounts on the wall and takes up about the same area as a 200-amp electrical panel. Plus, its flexible design allows you to install it in non-traditional spaces.